Automation for Work and Play

RoboPhase sells automation products that bring creativity and efficiency to your daily life. We’re here for individuals and businesses, visionary adults, and curious children. Whether you’re seeking smart tech to optimize your productivity or DIY robot kits to inspire the next generation, RoboPhase is your automation one-stop-shop.

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We Innovate So You Can Create

Located in the United States, RoboPhase sells the latest automation tech, from automated technology to Raspberry Pi kits to buildable roving robots. We have passion and experience to enhance your life.

Our vision

Nurturing the Trailblazers of Tomorrow

At RoboPhase, we want to spark kids’ imaginations to help them automate their world for a brighter future. Our kits make discovering automation fun; they bring exciting challenges that unleash your child’s potential and inner inventor. Building robots also helps develop cognitive, problem-solving, and coordination skills.

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Because Everyone Wants an Easier Life

The RoboPhase goal is to make your life easier, more efficient, and more convenient by putting the power of automation in your hands. Shop our online store to automate everything and live life smarter. We’re here to help if you need expert advice.

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